ASTRO File Manager




A convenient application for managing the files on your Android device


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ASTRO File Manager is a powerful app for managing files and applications that lets you work with them directly on the cloud (via Dropbox, Google Drive, or Skydrive), or through a local network that you can set up from the same app.

Thanks to ASTRO File Manager, you can easily manage all the resources on your device, accessing absolutely anything you need and even sharing it if you like. Uploading pictures, watching videos, and managing the 3G connection all become much easier.

When you are working with your files, you'll have the classic options you might expect, like copying, pasting, cutting, and cropping, as well as creating, deleting, and renaming. But you'll also be able to share the file through e-mail.

You can also decompress ZIP and RAR files, access many different types of document formats, and even access your device's content from a WiFi network (after properly setting it up).

ASTRO File Manager is an excellent manager for Android, thanks to which you can work on all your documents in a fast and convenient way.
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